My mission is to bring the most independent MTB reviews online funded by these online competitions. Yes, there are other competition sites all over the internet nowadays for bikes, cars, houses and more, but none of them seem to offer anything more than a giveaway, they are competition businesses set up simply to make money. I have no problem with that, but I want to offer some real-world value to my followers.

I buy all the products you see here at full price. I test them as true consumers would. I try to get the best out of them on the trail and tell you the truth. I am a one-man band and there are NO investors and NO sponsors of this project. I use my 25+ years of riding experience from BMX dirt jumping, 4X and DH racing (I even scraped into a World Cup Finale in Schladming once) and enduro including the EWS. I also have years of experience on the testing side of the industry working at Dirt Magazine, then Pinkbike for 5 years, and I have also worked for multiple bike brands as a test rider in the past.

I try to combine all of my knowledge of the industry and work with some of the best minds in the bike world to create the most open content online. You can watch my Youtube channel, get regular updates on Instagram, read my Pinkbike review library, and my current Reviews page here.

The first year of this business has been a struggle. Not only did I launch this new business, but I also bought a farm in Italy to build a private MTB test centre. We had some huge problems with the bikes I bought to test which slowed the review progress massively. But despite that, I think we have released some of the most truthful content online, kicked some bike companies into action to improve their products and #buildbikebetter, as well as giving away great prizes to the AstonMTB supporters.

It’s been a steep learning curve with wins and losses along the way, but we seem to be getting close to the best giveaways online where lucky winners get brand new products in any shape, size or colour they need and support independent reviews at the same time!

To date, I’ve given away over 120x prizes including some incredible complete bikes with a total value of over £200,000 to winners all over the world. I’ve had winners from UK to USA, all over Europe and Downunder in Australia and New Zealand. The ball is starting to roll and we’re making some small waves in the bike world, stay tuned for more!

Paul Aston

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