AstonMTB X Handup Gloves – 4x Pairs!


These custom AstonMTB X HandUp gloves will be available to buy through my site when they are delivered end of September. For now, it seemed like a good idea for another comp to get the ball rolling.

I didn’t want to do merch. It seems like everybody does that and we already have enough t-shirts and hats in the world. Nobody needs a cheap tee with my face on it.

But gloves, we all need MTB gloves and good ones! I’ve been trying out a pair of these Handup Gloves for a few months now and they are going strong. Nice material, sublimated logos, great fit, terry towel for those sweaty days, touch-screen friendly material, no rips yet and the silicone details are all still attached.

I decided that ‘useful’ merch is the way forward to help build my business and offset my terrible business plan, which mostly involves buying bikes that break. If you like the design and this independent review project, buy a ticket, support the cause and help promote my channel instead of riding around like an advertising board for Brand X’s logo with the product you paid for.

This is not a co-branding/sponsorship deal. I’m buying these customized gloves (which you can do too if you have something to promote) from Handup, and here’s what they have to say about the product:


We create quality gloves at a great price because, face it, you’re just going to get them dirty anyway. Our gloves are equipped with:

  • 50+ UPF Sun Protection
  • Our all new FULLTOUCH technology is seamless touchscreen capabilities woven throughout entire palm, so no more trying to touch your phone “just right” to get that trailside picture
  • 4-way stretch, lightweight mesh on the back of the hand
  • Stretch cuff to easily pull gloves on and off without fumbling for a Velcro strap
  • Durable, single layer Clarino leather palm for maximum bike feel and no extra material bunching up
  • Laser cut ventilation holes on palm for breathability
  • Silicone printed graphics on the palms for extra grip so you’ll never drop that frosty beverage or muddy handlebars
  • HUGE towel sweat cloth on the thumb for wiping away your dirt-stache or foamy upper lip
Prize AstonMTB X Handup Gloves - 4x Pairs!
Delivery Global shipping or collection from AstonMTB HQ
Competition Ends 25th August 2022 6:00 pm
Minimum Tickets Sold 1
Ticket Limit 100
This competition will have 1 winner
11/100 Sold

The lucky winner will receive four pairs of AstonMTB X HandUp gloves.

Any sizes: get yourself a year’s supply, kit out your whole family, or donate some to the struggling kids at your local spot!

Global shipping. Delivery end-September

Time Remaining:

Answer the question:

Who makes these AstonMTB logo gloves?

  • HandUp
  • Gucci
  • Nike


Competition History

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9th August 2022 7:27 pmjonnystroud19HandUp
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9th August 2022 7:27 pmjonnystroud82HandUp
8th August 2022 2:54 amKyle Kinne58HandUp
4th August 2022 12:51 pmRoss Kershaw4HandUp
4th August 2022 12:51 pmRoss Kershaw92HandUp
4th August 2022 2:18 amJosh Smith35HandUp
3rd August 2022 9:08 pmNeil Jones1HandUp
3rd August 2022 9:08 pmNeil Jones45HandUp
3rd August 2022 9:08 pmNeil Jones47HandUp
3rd August 2022 9:08 pmNeil Jones77HandUp
2nd August 2022 12:00 amCompetition started