Ended: Custom Egerie Frame


Win a custom Egerie frame of your dreams from AstonMTB worth €2800!

Choose a steel frame built to your spec: essentially any travel, any size, any geometry, high or low pivot, Pinion or derailleur option and finished in the colour of your choice. The lucky winner can work with Egerie and me to create their ultimate custom frame.

This is an incredible prize where the winner has an amazing opportunity to build a frame exactly to their spec so check out their Instagram page and start dreaming! There are no restrictions on the bike you can build, anything from an exact copy of my monster Aston-A-Tron to a BMX racer.

Winner is: danielkorn

Ticket number: 63 Answer: Haute-Savoie, France

Congratulations to Daniel Winther-Korn!



Win a custom frame built by Egerie_velo_moto from AstonMTB