Ended: A Year’s Supply of 10 New Tyres


Win a year’s supply of tyres from AstonMTB!

We all need tyres and they are critical for a high-performance and safe, predictable bike. If you ride a lot and want to run the grippiest then that means a lot of friction and thus a lot of wear. I tested MaxxGrip compound Maxxis Assegai’s in the bike park this year and even though the grip is insane the burn rate is ridiculous: hard-packed and rocky race runs can cost £5-8 per run!

Win 10x tyres of your choice which should be enough to keep you glued to the ground in any condition. I’ll discuss with the lucky winner the best options for their bike, style, weight, and location and will ship globally as usual.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: ryan_sperring

Ticket number: 445 Answer: Rubber
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