Ended: SQlab Contact Point Package


Win an SQlab cockpit setup from AstonMTB worth over £400 from AstonMTB. This comp includes an SQlab 30X Handlebar 12/16º sweep, 711 Grips, 80X Stem 35/50mm, 611 Saddle.

An excerpt from a previous SQ Lab 12/16º Handlebar Mini Review:

I’ve been using these SQlab handlebars for years now and can’t use anything else.

The average MTB bar has 9º of backsweep, which seems to be the straightest compared to any other sports like MX, BMX and Quad. I think the only reason MTB bars are generally straighter is that they used to be narrower, but the sweep never changed as widths increased.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice and setup, but I don’t know anybody who has used one of these and gone back to ‘normal’ bars after (I’m sure they exist).

I think bars need more backsweep for these benefits:

– A more comfortable hand position (that has relieved tendonitis on the inside of my elbow) and I find it easier to ride.

– Combined with a short 25/30 stem the extra backsweep brings you steering more towards the centre of the steerer tube. This gives the most sensitive steering and is perfectly suited for modern bikes with slack head angles and short offset – in this case, you get great stability at the front with easy steering.

– This also brings your hands further back behind the front axle allowing you to weight the front with more confidence and safe descending on steeps

I wouldn’t advise these for steeper HA (over 64.5º-ish) or longer offsets as the steering can get too twitchy.

Most people say that too much backsweep can make your elbows collapse inwards; I think not enough upsweep is the problem. These bars can be rolled forwards slightly to help if that is an issue while still maintaining a good backsweep.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: Henning

Ticket number: 14 Answer: Germany
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