€3500 of Rulezman’s Finest


Win a €3500 Rulezman Suspension package from AstonMTB!

I like Rulezman products, you like Rulezman products, my lucky winners love their Rulezman products! I’ve already given away 3x Mezzer RRT forks, 2x Cane Creek Kitsuma’s, 2x Cane Creek Double Barrel Heritage LTD shocks, a Banshee Titan loaded with Kitsuma/Mezzer RRT, a Canyon Sender fitted with a Kitsuma, the incredible one-of-one Manitou Dorado RRT LEO2, the Gold Legend LE01, Banshee Titan LE04, Legend RRT frame kit and more.

Rather than limit you great supporters and suspension lovers to a single product, I thought let’s just give you a voucher to get whatever the hell you want! €3500 will cover one Dorado RRT + Kitsuma combo or and Intend Edge + Kitsuma.

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Winner is: harrys.papanik

Ticket number: 186 Answer: Rulezman Race Treatment

Congratulations to Harrys Papanikolaou from Switzerland!



Win €3500 of Rulezman Products of your choice!