Ended: Fasst Company Flexx Bar – Two Winners!


Win a Fasst Flexx bar from AstonMTB worth £325!

The Fasst Flexx bar is designed and manufactured in the USA. Originally a moto product, Fasst expanded its range of ‘suspension’ bars for MTB. These bars are 810mm wide with 25mm rise. The upsweep is 5º with a choice of 8º or 12º backsweep

I’ve had good success with these in the past, but struggled with this version to get a suitable setup on my bike with a 62º head angle and my choice of fork/crown/stem height. With a retail price of £325, these puppies ain’t cheap – so it’s time to give them away to the lucky winner 2nd prize winner, plus a brand new alloy bar in any option to the first prize winner.

Sorry, better luck next time.


  1. Christoph Larnhof
    Ticket number: 182
    Answer: Reduce hand vibration and fatigue
  2. schuler.eric
    Ticket number: 277
    Answer: Reduce hand vibration and fatigue

Congratulations to Christoph Larnhof from Switzerland for winning the used Flexx bars and to Eric Schuler from the Netherlands who wins a brand new pair!

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