Sold Out! Hope Tech4 V4 Brakes: New, Any Option


Hope T4 competition is back for the FOURTH time! You guys can’t get enough of these brakes so I’m giving away another brand new pair, in any colour or option.

Hope Tech4 V4 brakes have taken the top spot as my favourite brake.

Hope arguably made the original MTB disc brake back in 1993. Since then, they have stuck to their guns making solid bike components in the UK. They build products they want to ride that will easily last the long, wet, Northern UK winters of Barnoldswick. They do everything the right way: they never outsourced to the East for moar £££ when they could have, they don’t borrow from banks, they only launch things when they are ready and not because of an event or bike show, and they always offer spare parts for all their products forever. If you win a pair of these brakes, with the right care and attention, they will last your whole life.

Hope brakes have always been robust and solid products and are easy to work on with good-sized hardware. Many riders have dismissed them in recent years due to lack of power, I blame this on small rotors, the red pads Hope used to fit as standard and people choosing the E4 calipers, don’t bother, just get the more powerful V4 which is nearly identical.

Any low power issues have been well and truly solved (I never had issues with good pads and big rotors) with this new brake: the Tech 4 levers have a longer lever and larger main piston which Hope say gives 15% more power, I think they are underestimating. Add to this the purple or green Galfer pads and you have a perfect bite in all conditions. The latest one-piece Heavy Duty HD rotors are 2.3mm thick and in 220mm size this combo gave me more usable power than I ever remember.

I put ten days of very hard riding into these brakes so far. The only brake I cannot overheat at all on the steep track at my local park (2.5km with 600m vertical), rotors and pistons have been straight and aligned since day 1 with no tweaking and no changes in bite point whatever the temps…

… and the power is immense. A similar brutal initial bite to the Formula Cura but with a modulation that goes on forever. Even on the hardest tests I can do, I never feel like I am using more than 40-50% of my finger strength.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: rick.draper

Ticket number: 258 Answer: Barnoldswick, UK

Congrats to Richard Draper from UK!

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