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Win a pair of DHSign FixShox bushings from AstonMTB worth over £100.

I’ve been using these Italian-made FixShox spherical shock bushings since last year. In an ideal world, all MTB shocks would be mounted on spherical bearings to alleviate twisting loads and friction on sensitive shocks. In the MTB world, we are stuck with tiny DU bushing mounts in the majority of shocks (hey, would have been nice if the switch to ‘Metric Standard’ shocks offered an improvement here…) which do not offer any relief under side loads and twisting. The standard DU-bush eyelet isn’t big enough to fit a small spherical bearing, so DHSign has come up with the next best thing: a spherical bushing.

Fitting a pair of these shock bushings should improve the life of any shock on bike. I haven’t tested these to death yet, but they are working great on my steel + titanium Egerie machines and I cannot find any downside over a normal bushing.

Win a pair purchased by AstonMTB, brand new in any size and shipped anywhere in the world.

Winner is: ben.kessler

Ticket number: 104 Answer: Italy

Congratulations to Ben Kessler from Germany!

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Win a pair of DHsign FixShox Spherical MTB shock bushings from AstonMTB.