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Win an RXR core protector from AstonMTB worth up to €300, and don’t spend the last 5weeks off the bike with a broken rib like me! With the BikePark poised to kick off in the Northern Hemisphere, the RXR Protect is the only core chest/back protector I can truly trust.

When I was working at Pinkbike, I had a whole range of DH protection from all of the big brands. When I left, I got rid of every other piece of body armour and kept the best one: the RXR Bullet AirBag 2.0. One ride in the RXR and you feel genuinely safe, many times more than with a fashionably thin piece of D30 foam, despite whichever CE rating they have, this thing is the real deal.

The RXR has a number of features. The triple protection system integrates hard plastic to ward off sharp objects, foam for shock absorption and comfortable fit, and the multi-pocket airbag. The airbag is key to this product. When riding, there is a low pressure in the pockets so the protector is flexible, but when it takes an impact and the pressure increases, valves between each pocket close and prevents air movement. This means that the pressure will build up in the pockets that are taking the most impact and give you the best protection.

I’m giving away any brand new option from RXR: model, size and graphics kit colour. I’ve been using this wood effect Bullet for 5 years now with no issues, no signs of wear and is easy to rinse off and clean. I just put in an order for the latest R-Pro version which promises to be slimmer and fit under a riding jersey or jacket. Check out all their products here: RXRProtect.com

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: michaelfr

Ticket number: 85 Answer: Inflatable air pockets

Congratulations to Michael Friess from Austria!

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