SQlab 30x Bars + Stems Package: 12º + 16º Degrees



Win an SQlab bars and stems package from AstonMTB.

*This prize is back for a second round: Chris S, the previous winner was from Canada. Shipping him a brand new prize direct from SQlab USA was more economical than shipping this from UK, so you guys have another opportunity to win!

I’ve been using these bars now for 4-5 years and can’t ride anything else. Why? These bars have more backsweep than the average MTB bar (normally 7-9º) with 12º and 16º options.

I have a full review and opinion piece coming soon on this site to debunk some myths about these bars (SQlab name from ancient Greek mythology, by the way), but here’s the short version: I think modern bikes with slacker head angles and the use of wider bars mean that we need more back sweep for comfort and steering precision.

Mix this with a nice short stem and you will get very precise and accurate steering.

I’m giving a great package that should suit any rider’s bike and give a few options to play with: 12º and 16º bars so you can try both sweeps. Plus, a 35mm Fabio Widmer signature stem and also a Spank DM 25/30 stem – so you are sorted for a DH or Trail bike or have spares to donate to a mate!

Winner is: briaino

Ticket number: 184 Answer: Greek Mythology

Congratulations to Brian O Shea!

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