Ended: The Ultimate DH Helmet: Bell Full-9, Brand New, any Size


In my opinion, the best MTB full-face helmet available from one of the original helmet manufacturers, Bell, who have been around since 1954.

Like with the RXR Protector, when I was working at Pinkbike I did a DH group test with a helmet from every major brand you can think of. When I left, I only kept one: the Bell Full-9. Once you’ve worn a Full-9 nothing will ever fit as well or make you feel so safe: every time I see someone with the same helmet I ask if they feel the same, and they always do!

This is not a lightweight acronym-packed hybrid helmet, instead, it’s designed to give your head the best possible protection. Its features include a full carbon shell, ventilation system, ‘Eject’ Compatability and breakaway GoPro mount (so you can take POV videos at UCI sanctioned races). Of course, the cheek pads can also be removed in an emergency to help remove the helmet, the liner can be washed and replacements are available, plus it comes with a properly padded carry bag.

Bell also offer a crash replacement service so if you, unfortunately, have to test the Full-9 to its capabilities then you can buy a safe new one for a discounted rate. The Full-9 retails at £469, so don’t make it a habit!

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: michaelfr

Ticket number: 288 Answer: 1954

Congratulations to Michael Frieß from Austria!

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