Ended: Ultimate Crankset: Hope EVO/BB/Chainring/OChain


Win a brand new crank package worth up to £700!

Choose any possible setup for any bike: Hope cranks in any length, width, and colour. Plus a Hope chainring of your choice, Hope stainless steel BB and a matching Ochain.

I’ve been using Hope cranks for years and never had a single problem. Like most Hope products they are simply built to work and last, not to hit a magical number on the scales, they are chunky and solid.

This package also includes a classic Hope Stainless Steel BB, any chainring you like, I personally prefer the oval ones. You also get an Ochain which is one of the best products in recent years to help your suspension perform at its best on the trail and smooth out your ride.

Winner is: evangard

Ticket number: 271 Answer: Barnoldswick, UK

Congrats to Evan Gard!

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