Sold Out: Works Angle or Reach Adjust Headset


Win any Works Components headset from AstonMTB worth up to £69.99

Yes, I have already given away SEVEN Works Angle Headsets this year, but I am using these great products in nearly all of my bikes, so why not give another one away to a lucky winner?

Unless your bike already has a head angle of 63.5º or less, already, I’m probably going to recommend an angle headset, it is 2022 after all!

Works Components have been making their angle headsets in the UK for years. Cheap and cheerful, but a solid product. For around £70, these can improve the handling of your bike forever, probably the cheapest non-disposable upgrade you can make to your bike.

Options from 1º, 1.5º, 2º and also 5/6mm reach adjust options are available.

Works also sell all headset parts separately, so new bearings are easy to source.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: scott.m93

Ticket number: 41 Answer: UK

Congratulations to Scott Mellish from Australia!

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Win a brand new Works Components Angle or Reach Adjust Headset – Brand New, Any Size, Any Angle with a custom AstonMTB Top Cap