Ended: Worx Hydroshot + Pump


Win a Worx HydroShot WG620e and a Mini WX092 mini compressor from AstonMTB.

Two products have become absolute essentials in my workshop and camper: I’ve had the Hydroshot for 4years, abused it, and it is still going strong. It sucks water so you don’t need pressure for it to work, I stick the hose into my camper van tank and it’s good to go to quickly wash down the bike. You can also connect to mains water or put the hose into a bucket, you can even use a pond/stream as it comes with a filter.

The mini compressor is a new addition which I now couldn’t live without in these days of tubeless tyres which are always losing pressure slowly and my addiction to checking tyre pressures: dial in the pressure you want and press the ‘Play’ button and a few seconds later you are bang on with a digital gauge. At around £140 it’s comparable to a posh MTB floor pump and much smaller and easier to use (of course you need to keep the batteries charged).

Yes, I’m sure there are better and more expensive options from Makita/DeWalt/Hilti etc, but for me, the Worx products offer great value to performance. I did have a full Makita LXT for building site work when I was younger, but now I’m happy with Worx and have 10x other tools I’m using for trail building and house renovation work with no problems.

More in-depth review content coming during February.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: rosertuneu

Ticket number: 43 Answer: Worx

Congratulations to Roser Tuneu from the Netherlands!

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