Ended: Fasst Company Flexx Bar - Two Winners!

Congratulations to Christoph Larnhof (#182) from Switzerland for winning the used Flexx bars and to Eric Schuler (#277) from the Netherlands who wins a brand new pair!

Name Purchase Date Ticket
Aiden T October 28th 30
Aiden T October 28th 87
Aiden T October 28th 114
Aiden T October 28th 115
Aiden T October 28th 218
Eric S October 28th 82
Josiah S October 27th 55
David E October 27th 279
Eric S October 27th 116
Eric S October 27th 277
Antonio A October 27th 153
aaron j October 27th 151
aaron j October 27th 164
aaron j October 27th 259
aaron j October 27th 287
Niek V October 27th 187
Niek V October 27th 190
Alex C October 27th 43
Walter C October 27th 7
Reilly G October 27th 120
Jukka I October 27th 119
Luboš D October 27th 62
Jarmo J October 27th 127
Mattia M October 27th 184
Isaac L October 27th 34
Raphael P October 27th 168
Kieran b October 26th 35
Kieran b October 26th 250
Chris M October 26th 84
Chris M October 26th 290
Marc-Andre F October 26th 80
Marc-Andre F October 26th 99
Marc-Andre F October 26th 102
Marc-Andre F October 26th 104
Marc-Andre F October 26th 134
Marc-Andre F October 26th 155
Marc-Andre F October 26th 156
Marc-Andre F October 26th 206
Marc-Andre F October 26th 251
Marc-Andre F October 26th 289
Jake L October 26th 226
Marco D October 26th 8
Marco D October 26th 59
Marco D October 26th 65
Marco D October 26th 138
Marco D October 26th 200
Marco D October 26th 241
Marco D October 26th 256
Marco D October 26th 273
Marco D October 26th 291
Marco D October 26th 294
Carl N October 26th 269
Stefan R October 26th 192
Stefan R October 26th 249
Henning S October 26th 17
Henning S October 26th 202
Maximilian O October 26th 191
Maximilian O October 26th 288
Josip G October 25th 52
Josip G October 25th 217
Josip G October 25th 293
Phil A October 25th 161
Mike H October 25th 16
Mike H October 25th 109
Mike H October 25th 135
Mike H October 25th 280
Tanyel Y October 25th 21
Nikolas M October 25th 14
Matej K October 25th 3
Liam O October 25th 167
Ask P October 24th 36
Johannes W October 24th 29
Giancarlo M October 24th 101
Giancarlo M October 24th 278
Johan r October 22nd 44
Tom Are G October 21st 199
Tom Are G October 21st 262
Matt L October 21st 261
Rahel H October 21st 63
Rahel H October 21st 197
Rahel H October 21st 254
Garry W October 21st 204
Christoph L October 20th 10
Christoph L October 20th 25
Christoph L October 20th 26
Christoph L October 20th 40
Christoph L October 20th 41
Christoph L October 20th 105
Christoph L October 20th 121
Christoph L October 20th 133
Christoph L October 20th 157
Christoph L October 20th 173
Christoph L October 20th 180
Christoph L October 20th 186
Christoph L October 20th 196
Christoph L October 20th 243
Christoph L October 20th 295
Ole Johnny P October 17th 266
Tourtois A October 17th 9
Viktor E October 16th 172
Will S October 16th 50
Bjarte N October 15th 19
Bjarte N October 15th 235
Bjarte N October 15th 276
Lewis R October 15th 132
Bjarte N October 15th 240
Jake L October 14th 147
Derk G October 13th 142
Derk G October 13th 237
Michael F October 13th 198
Toby V October 12th 15
Anastasios M October 11th 57
Anastasios M October 11th 106
Daniel H October 10th 215
Luboš D October 7th 145
Luboš D October 7th 205
Luboš D October 7th 255
Luboš D October 7th 260
Jack B October 7th 227
Jack B October 7th 233
JOAO LUIS COSTA A October 7th 163
JOAO LUIS COSTA A October 7th 208
Garry W October 7th 245
Jens H October 7th 247
Derk G October 6th 123
Derk G October 6th 169
Win J October 6th 54
Neil M October 5th 89
Hauke K October 5th 1
Hauke K October 5th 28
Hauke K October 5th 267
Pat F October 5th 51
Pat F October 5th 70
Pat F October 5th 86
Pat F October 5th 232
Pat F October 5th 264
Martinus V October 3rd 148
Christoph L October 1st 31
Christoph L October 1st 61
Christoph L October 1st 79
Christoph L October 1st 85
Christoph L October 1st 108
Christoph L October 1st 111
Christoph L October 1st 182
Christoph L October 1st 203
Christoph L October 1st 238
Christoph L October 1st 282
Marco D October 1st 58
Marco D October 1st 66
Marco D October 1st 88
Marco D October 1st 97
Marco D October 1st 150
Marco D October 1st 175
Marco D October 1st 188
Marco D October 1st 211
Marco D October 1st 228
Marco D October 1st 285
Michael H October 1st 22
Michael H October 1st 37
Michael H October 1st 78
Michael H October 1st 92
Michael H October 1st 176
Antonio A September 30th 107