Ended: Rulezman LE04 / LE05


Win a truly unique suspension fork via AstonMTB!

Up for grabs is the choice of 1 of 2 fully customized and numbered Limited Edition Intend RRT forks from Rulezman Suspension Centre.

Choose the silver LE04 or the cappuccino LE05.

I haven’t ridden this specific fork myself: the LE04 was destined for one of my bikes but timing and logistics got the better of us. But, after working with Rulezman for years this is guaranteed to be damn good!

Here are the words from the man behind these products:



• Intend EDGE Chassis

• 2.2kg weight

• 29″ (possible to use 27.5″)

• 120-180mm travel set in 1mm increments

• Special Rulezman lubricants

• SKF low friction seals

• 70g Titanium 20×110 axle

• 203mm brake mount

• Carbon R.I.F.L.E.S. Rulezman Intend Fork Leg-guards Enhanced with titanium screw and 7075 brackets

• Unique Custom colours for each fork – I will never make another one the same!


• Special customised and fully sealed damper (built on top of a standard Manitou Mezzer damper): High and Low-speed compression and rebound adjust. Optional hydraulic bottom-out.
• Damper is lighter than the original Intend version. It is also fully sealed and vacuum-bled.
• The damper body is attached to the crown, so there is only a tiny shaft attached to the axle moving up and down inside the fork (unsprung mass), as opposed to the original damper which is attached to the lower leg/axle.

• The air spring side uses a triple air chamber system. A.K.A IRT/Infinite Rate Tune which Manitou invented in 2014 for the Dorado.

• Air bleeder (LE04 only) installed in the crown. This could increase air volume for less end-stroke ramp-up. This can also be tuned to act as a 4th air chamber to make the fork even more supple at the beginning stroke. This also balances the atmospheric pressure with fork-free air in the outer legs, making the fork even plusher. This air bleeder is my crazy invention and it has 1 single bleeder for BOTH legs as both outer tubes are now connected via a magic port around the head tube and inside the crown.

• Matching graphics and the two-tone finish make these some astonishing Collector Series forks.

I truly believe these are the best single-crown forks I’ve ever made.  The fork will be custom tuned to the individual by me based on the testing I’ve been doing over 14 months.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: bimbel58

Ticket number: 605 Answer: Rulezman Race Treatment

Congratulations to Jan Oertelt from Germany!

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Win these Limited Edition Intend MTB suspension forks from Rulezman