Ended: £3000 of J-Tech Suspension


Win a £3000 suspension package from J-Tech.

J-Tech is one of the premium suspension tuners in the UK and my go-to tuner when I’m there. As you may know, I always rant about suspension tuning. Attention to friction, spring and damper tune is more important than the product itself and any fancy new patents or acronyms, and this is where J-Tech can custom build and tune a suspension package of the winner’s dreams!

Choose one fork and one shock up to a total value of £3000 which is enough to get you anything you can dream of. J-Tech has massive experience from years of being a race tech and running his own tuning centre for over a decade supplying brands like Ohlins, EXT, Cane Creek, Fox, RockShox and more.

Read the Product Highlight page here.

Winner is: Eric Lichtenberger

Ticket number: 584 Answer: Sweden

Congratulations to Eric Lichtenberger from USA!

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Win £3000 of Ohlins Products of your choice from AstonMTB!