Ended: Brand X Ascend Dropper


Win a Brand X Ascend Dropper Post from AstonMTB!

The BikeYoke Revive is still the King of Droppers in my opinion: I’ve had many of them and zero problems. But, at just under €500 they are definitely not cheap, though you do get what you pay for.

There are loads of other droppers on the market nowadays that all function well, but after multiple recommendations from my followers I tried out the budget Brand X Ascend. With an RRP of £139.99 (100/125/150mm) or £169.99 (170/200mm), they are a bargain, especially as they are seemingly always on sale, sometimes up to 64% off.

I’ve been using the 200mm drop version on my steel Egerie since August ’22 and have had no problems and still feels great. The lever action is a bit heavy compared to posher posts but for the price, we can’t complain. So if you are someone who needs a cheap and seemingly reliable dropper this is something I can truly recommend.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: rjeevescs

Ticket number: 112 Answer: X

Congratulations to Royston Jeeves from UK!

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