Ended: 3x Pairs of any 5:10’s


Win THREE pairs of any 5:10’s from AstonMTB!

MTB shoes are an incredibly important part of your riding equipment as they are 50% of your connection to the bike.

Flat pedal shoes are essentially wear-and-tear items, like tyres or brake pads. Fresh grippy rubber is the order of the day for flats or clip-in shoes with fresh cleats and secure soles.

I like to get three pairs of Five Ten’s and wear them evenly from day one. This means a consistent feeling over a couple of years riding instead of changing shoes twice per year, or having a ‘riding pair’ and a ‘race day’ pair that might feel very different when you swap. This also means if you head away for a wet week of Welsh riding you can have dry shoes at least for a few minutes per day.

I have started a long-term flat pedal test, trying Leatt, Ride Concepts, Etnies, Ion against my favorite 5:10 Freeriders which you can watch here. Spoiler alert: the FiveTen were the best fresh out of the box, but there’s more to come.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: plux

Ticket number: 343 Answer: Stealth Rubber

Congratulations to Jan Will from Germany!

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