Ended: Nicolai ‘Mojo’ G16, Loaded with EXT, Formula and more!


Well, this bike has a long history and is now being given away as an AstonMTB fundraiser.

This frame was originally donated to me by Alex Pink, the winner of the Canyon Sender, he felt sorry for me as I lost so much money testing and giving away that bike.

I then gave the frame away in another competition and it was won by Leonard Moore in the USA. He didn’t really want it as he has a great bike fleet already and “only bought a few tickets to help out AstonMTB and independent bike reviews.” So we sent him a Ruleman prepped Kitsuma to fit one of his existing bikes instead.

We then built it up out of spare parts for Mat the Mechanic. I ordered brand new DVO suspension which arrived assembled incorrectly/faulty. 3months later and a lot of time and money lost, the DVO was refunded, the 2nd worst MTB consumer experience in my life after the Norco Saga (TM).

Then I shipped the bike back to its original home at GeoMetron in the UK. The GeoMetron guys are building the bike up with brand new EXT Era fork and Storia shock and will tune it to meet the lucky winner’ss needs!

Full spec is in the blog here: GeoMetron G16 Competition Spec

As usual, the winner can get this bike shipped to them anywhere in the world, or collect it in person at GeoMetron, UK.

Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: david-starke

Ticket number: 930 Answer: Nicolai

Congratulations to David Starke from Germany!

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