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My go-to suspension on all bikes right now and the FOURTH time we’re giving away a Cane Creek shock from Rulezman!

Guaranteed performance and great setup from day 1 from Rulezman – the global authority on Cane Creek preparation and tuning. I’ve had 5x CC shock from Rulezman in the last year and no problems. Dave knows everything about these shocks and every bike I have used them on is spot-on or within a few clicks of perfection from the start.

I’m giving away a Kitsuma Coil with Climb Switch or a DB Heritage

Heritage: Likely your last chance to ever get your hands on one of these bad boys! The Cane Creek Double Barrel Heritage represents the end of an era. The iconic Double Barrel shock was originally developed along with Swedish brand, Ohlins, to offer a twin-tube MTB shock with massive adjustability.

Originally launched around 2005, the DB was way ahead of its time, why? Because it is still the same product over 15 years later and still offers top performance. Although recently replaced by the Kitsuma, the performance is essentially the same, the Kitsuma only offers easier tool-free adjustment, the Climb Switch (which was a later addition to the DB anyway), and more size options to suit modern bikes.

The winner can choose a Heritage option of any shock eye2eye length from 180mm to 250mm (in 1mm increments).
Shock hardware will be provided in any size for your bike and the correct VALT spring chosen. If this is not suitable then choose the Kitsuma.

Kitsuma: If you want the latest Cane Creek model, tool-free adjusters, need a climb switch or Trunnion / metric sizes not possible with the Heritage, then you can choose a Kitsuma.

The Kitsuma and DB are my current favourite shocks and the only ones I would really recommend at the moment.


Coil sprung – Coil springs are still the best option for most MTB applications. More efficient than an air spring, less to service and/or go wrong, and perfectly linear ‘just like a coil’ which brands that make air shocks keep trying to achieve, their words, not mine! The only time you should choose air over a coil is if you or you’re an XC racer or desperately need more progression from your frame, but don’t forget there is a progressive VALT spring option too. The weight argument is essentially not worth talking about, especially with modern ultra-light steel springs like the VALT. Choose performance over a few grams on the scale any day.

Massive range of adjustment – The DB has the adjustment range for nearly any bike and any rider. There’s a lot of great shocks out there, but none offer the same range without having to resort to re-tuning the shock.

Rebuildable – If you buy from a reputable service centre like Rulezman, if you change your bike and need a slightly different length your existing shock can probably be rebuilt to suit your new bike.

Long-lasting – Cane Creek isn’t the type of brand to launch a new shock every 20seconds in a different colour or make up new standards for no reason. The Double Barrel was essentially the same for 20years, meaning easy-to-find service parts in the long run.



Sorry, better luck next time.

Winner is: tommyc_dh

Ticket number: 3 Answer: Ohlins

Congrats to Thomas Clarkson from UK!

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Win a brand new Cane Creek Kitsuma in the size of your choice!