Ended: AMTB Support Package


I’ve given away a bunch of gloves before, but now you can win the full ‘AstonMTB Support Package’ which is guaranteed to make you faster*

This goodie bag includes a pair of AstonMTB gloves manufactured by HandUp, a headset top cap from Works Components, 2x custom rotors by Brakestuff, a mudguard from BecomeUnique and a bunch of stickers graced by my face.

The total value of this pack is around £350 – mainly due to the 203mm x 2.3mm thick rotors costing around £160 🤢, yes it makes me feel sick too! But these puppies have hundreds of cooling holes with a claimed 30% heat reduction compared to normal discs, and are made, heat treated and glass-bead blasted in Germany for exceptional strength, straightness and durability.

*guaranteed to make you more yellow

Winner is: jwengineeringtas

Ticket number: 249 Answer: HandUp

Congratulations to Jeremy Webb!